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The “Slow Living Oracle Deck” is a collection of 66 cards designed to help you incorporate the principles of slow living, mindfulness, and slow movement into your daily life. Each card features a unique message or exercise to help you slow down, be present, and find balance in your busy life.

To use the deck, start by shuffling the cards. Then, choose one card at a time to focus on for the day. Take a moment to read the message or exercise on the card and consider how you can integrate it into your daily routine. You can also draw a card at random to gain inspiration and guidance for the day.

The deck includes cards on topics such as mindfulness, gratitude, self-care, and connecting with nature. Use the deck as a daily reminder to slow down and be present in your life. Remember to take your time and be gentle with yourself as you work to incorporate these values into your daily routine.

Keep in mind

Remember to always keep the deck in a safe place and handle the cards with care. You can also use the cards as a tool for meditation or journaling. Feel free to mix and match the cards to create your own personalized practice.

May this deck be a helpful tool on your journey toward a more mindful, peaceful, and balanced life.

Slowing down and living a slower life always starts inside. Our “slow self” must be heard. We must discuss with it what it means to live a slower life. These cards are the inter

Georgina Fรฉzler
Creator of the concept

In stillness, we find our power

The cards are only tools, to find your way it will require your time and effort to really sit down, slow down and think about the concept of Slow life.

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Topics for discovery

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Quadrants-based card spread

Here is a guide for a Quadrants-based oracle card spread.

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Questions for Integrating slow

Use these questions and the cards to journal about slow life.

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