Unlock a profound understanding of yourself through integral psychology.

Typical Pain Points and Quotes from People Seeking Integral Consultation:

  1. Lack of Direction or Purpose
    • “I just feel like I’m drifting through life without a clear purpose.”
  2. Past Trauma or Wounds
    • “My past keeps haunting me, no matter how hard I try to move forward.”
  3. Self-Sabotage
    • “Why do I keep getting in my own way? Every time I’m close to achieving something, I mess it up.”
  4. Overwhelm in Modern Life
    • “Everything is moving so fast, and I just feel constantly overwhelmed and burnt out.”
  5. Disconnection from Emotions
    • “I feel numb or distant from my own emotions. I want to feel connected again.”
  6. Struggles with Self-Worth
    • “Deep down, I constantly question if I’m good enough.”
  7. Identity and Role Confusion
    • “I wear so many hatsโ€”parent, partner, professional. Who am I beneath all these roles?”
  8. Desire for Deeper Connections
    • “I have many acquaintances, but I crave deeper, more meaningful connections.”
  9. Challenges Integrating Spirituality into Daily Life
    • “I’m spiritual, but I find it hard to incorporate that into my everyday life.”
  10. Difficulty in Decision Making
    • “Every decision feels monumental, and I’m paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong choice.”

Alex Grey

What is Integral Psychology?

A blend of the best of Western and Eastern practices, integral psychology offers a holistic approach to understanding the human psyche. By weaving together diverse perspectives, it provides a deeper, more comprehensive insight into our behaviors, emotions, and thoughts.

Your Transformative Journey Begins Here

Our sessions are tailored to delve deep into your psyche and help you navigate the various facets of life.”

  • Duration of sessions: 55 minutes of focused connection.
  • Format: Convenient online sessions, allowing you to engage from the comfort of your space or in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Cost: 35 โ‚ฌ or 25 ยฃ /session. Invest in understanding yourself.
  • Number of sessions: minimum of four sessions.

Typical Situations Where People Can Benefit from Integral Consultation:

  1. Life Transitions: Navigating significant life changes such as moving to a new city, starting a new job, or entering/leaving a relationship.
  2. Loss and Grief: Coping with the loss of a loved one, a job, or a significant life dream.
  3. Personal Growth: A desire to understand oneself better, to grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  4. Relationship Challenges: Seeking to improve or understand relationships with partners, family, or friends.
  5. Career Crossroads: Feeling unfulfilled in a job or contemplating a significant career shift.
  6. Spiritual Exploration: Seeking to explore or deepen one’s spiritual beliefs and practices.
  7. Stress and Burnout: Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of daily life or professional burnout.
  8. Health Concerns: Coping with physical health challenges or diagnoses.
  9. Parenting Challenges: Navigating the complexities of parenthood, from newborn phases to the teenage years and beyond.
  10. Identity and Self-Worth: Grappling with questions of self-worth, identity, or belonging.

Embark on a journey of introspection and discovery. Together, we’ll navigate the diverse terrains of your psyche, unveiling insights and fostering growth in key areas of your life.

  • Self Sabotage: Unravel the mystery behind self-defeating behaviors and reclaim your power.
  • Slow Self: Discover the art of being present and embracing life at a deliberate pace.
  • Reconnecting with Emotions: Forge a renewed bond with your emotions, understanding, and embracing them.
  • Self-Worth: Rediscover the inherent value you possess and stand tall in your authenticity.
  • Connection: Nurture deeper, meaningful connections with others and the world around you.
  • Finding True Calling: Navigate the crossroads of life with clarity and purpose.
  • Spirituality and Modern Life: Strike a balance between timeless wisdom and the demands of contemporary living.
  • Roles in Life: Understand the different hats you wear and find harmony in juggling them.
  • Wounds & Relationships: Unearth past wounds and their influence on your relationships and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly is Integral Psychology?

Integral Psychology combines the holistic practices of Eastern spiritual traditions with the analytic approaches of Western psychology. It’s a comprehensive way of understanding the human psyche, emphasizing the interconnectedness of our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical dimensions.

How is this different from traditional therapy or coaching?

While traditional therapy often focuses on addressing specific mental health issues and coaching is generally goal-oriented, Integral Consultations delve deeper. They address the whole person, exploring a blend of spiritual and psychological realms, making it a transformative journey rather than simply seeking problem-solving in a session.

Are the online sessions secure and confidential?

Absolutely. Your privacy and trust are paramount. All sessions are conducted using secure platforms with end-to-end encryption to ensure your confidentiality is maintained.

How should I prepare for my session?

The most important thing is to come with an open mind and heart. Ensure you’re in a quiet space free from distractions. It might also be helpful to jot down any specific topics or questions you wish to address during the session.

I’ve never done anything like this before. Is it suitable for everyone?

Integral Consultations aims to cater to individuals from all walks of life and various backgrounds. Whether you’re experienced in self-exploration or entirely new to this, the sessions are tailored to meet you where you are. If you have specific concerns, always feel free to reach out before booking.

About me

I am 37 this year. During my teenage years, I struggled with panic attacks, loneliness and not knowing where my life would lead me. I have 4 degrees and only worked in corporate for 4 years. I was born in Hungary and graduated high school in Oklahoma, US. I lived in Manchester, UK, and visit back often – planning on moving back.

I became a certified ontological coach in 2012, and started integral psychology in 2021 (will finish in 2024). I consider myself a Taoist and a slow evangelist. I value honesty and transparency.

I have worked as a mentor for more than 4 years and as a coach for 10+ years. I have been on my self-discovery and spiritual journey for more than 20 years now receiving my first reiki initiation at the age of 17. I love to discover and integrate my whole self into this journey we call life. I am transforming and shaping myself on the road which might be bumpy sometimes but I learned to find the center point in the storm. Creating and living a life you are able to enjoy and understand is the way to control it.

I am curious to get to know you and be here for you. This is your amazing journey let’s walk it with open eyes, mind, and heart.

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