Slow coaching

Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training, advice, and guidance. The coach and client work together to identify the client’s goals, create an action plan to achieve those goals, and then work on the action plan to make progress towards the goals. Coaching can be done in one-on-one or group sessions and can be tailored to the needs and goals of the client.


slow life practice

Life coaching focuses on helping clients set and achieve personal and professional goals, and counseling for life practices is about helping individuals to develop and maintain healthy habits and behaviors that support their overall well-being.
Working on areas such as time management, self-care, communication skills, and stress management, as well as helping you to identify and overcome any obstacles or challenges that are preventing you from living a fulfilling and satisfying life.
Counseling for life practices typically involves working with you to identify your specific goals and needs, developing a plan to address those goals, and then supporting you as you work towards making positive changes in your life.


slow business

Mentoring for a slow entrepreneur who follows the values of the slow movement involves the mentor providing guidance and support as the mentee works to build their business in a way that aligns with the principles of the slow movement. This could include helping the mentee to identify and prioritize their values, setting goals that align with those values, and developing strategies for achieving those goals in a sustainable, mindful way.
The mentor might also offer advice and support as the mentee navigates the challenges of building a business while staying true to the values of the slow movement, such as maintaining a healthy work-life balance and avoiding overconsumption. Overall, the mentoring relationship would focus on helping the mentee to build a successful and fulfilling business that is in line with their values and goals.



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Are the sessions online or offline?

Currently only online.